Destiny (2015)

Presented by The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Lead Couple: Rei Ogura & Steven Melendez

Dancers: Mara Driscoll, August Eaton, Courtney Escoyne, Giovanna Gamna, David Gourov, Sarah Gene Mackenzie, Emma Pajewski & Kaitlyn Yiu

10 dancers, 27 minutes.

Created in the summer of 2015, Destiny is a contemporary ballet in four movements, inspired by the waves of passionate energy of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40.

Evening Fanfare (2015)

Commissioned by Le Studio Ballet Hong Kong

Composer: Aaron Copland

Dancers: Elizabeth Harrison, Marie Harrison and Vanessa Lai

3 dancers, 3:50 minutes.

201401 (2014)

Presented by Tisch School of the Arts, Tisch Dance Department at Skirball Center of the Performing Arts

Composer: Alex MacKinnon

Performers: Giorgia Bovo, Mara Driscoll, Giovanna Gamna, Hongyu Guo, Eliza Sherlock-Lewis and Adrian Silver

6 dancers, 10 minutes

201401 is an exploration of the aesthetic and principles of classical ballet in relation to the society we live in today. Surrounded by the pulse, the rhythm, the different sounds and the silence of this vibrant metropolis, where does classical ballet stands in the city of New York?

Pervasive Gossip (2012)

Presented by Nodes Performing Arts at Mark Morris Dance Center

Composer: Conrad Winslow

Performer: Maxwell Parr Perkins

solo, 7 minutes

Pervasive Gossip tells the inner struggle of a young man in a hypercritical society. 

Ashley (2011)

Presented by Janusphere Dance Company at Ellen Stewart Theater

Music: Tristan Murail

Costume: Selina Chau

Performer: So Young An

solo, 5 minutes

Ashleycaptures a fleeting moment in a young woman’s life as she prepares to face a new city, a new world, a new start.

Nightscape (2010)

Second Avenue Dance Company, Tisch Dance at Tisch Dance Building 5th floor Theater

Composer: Matthew Giannotti

Costume concept: Selina Chau

Peformers: Kate A. Behrendt and Patrick John O’Neill

2 dancers, 7 minutes

Inspired by Matthew Giannotti’s original score, Nightscape illustrates the exploration of unknown creatures in the dark.

The New York Exchange (2009)

“Chau has keen sense of theatrical and, especially in her case, comic timing and the delicacy of gesture that allows us the comfort of recognition just as she twists to tickle and subvert our prejudice.” 

– DJ McDonald, city of glass arts and culture, June 9, 2010

Presented by La Mama Moves! Dance Festival 2010 with NYU Collaboration Projects

Musical excerpts: Giselle by Adolphe Adams, Costa Diva by Vincenzo Bellini

Additional composition and musical arrangement: Kyle Olson

Costume concept: Selina Chau

Monologue written by: Selina Chau and Mandarin Wu

Performers: Monica Barbaro, Gierre Godley, Josh Green and Mandarin Wu

4 dancers, 9 minutes

This dance theater work explores the interactions between people of different cultures in the dynamic city of New York.

Aida (2007)

Commissioned by Hong Kong Ballet

Presented by Opera Hong Kong, in collaboration with Hong Kong Ballet. Performed at Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Opera Theater, Seoul Arts Center.

Composer: Guiseppe Verdi

Directed by: Maurizio di Mattia

Costumes and Set design: based on Teatro dell’Opera di Roma original version

Performers: Members of Hong Kong Ballet

Swan Lake Act III (2007)

“In Act 3, Chau produced an enjoyable version of the national dances, the Spanish being particularly good, and showed herself able to handle different styles with confidence.”

– Natasha Rogai, South China Morning Post, August 18, 2007

Commissioned by Hong Kong Ballet

Premiered at Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Later performed on tour in 2009 in Beijing and 2013 in Guangzhou.

Composer: Peter Tchaikovsky

Lighting Design: Leo Cheung

Costume Design: Harvy Santos

Performers: Members of Hong Kong Ballet

Tainted Sheet (2007)

Presented by Hong Kong Ballet at Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Music: Carmen Suite  Composer: Georges Bizet

Lighting Design: Wayne Wong

Costume Design: Selina Chau and Eve Chan

Performers: Members of Hong Kong Ballet

11 dancers, 18 minutes